Capaldi is filming Paper Empire in Miami , a Tv show alongside Wesley Snipes, Steve Guttenburg and Val Kilmer

Capaldi filmed festival bound 
Cranley Gardens in December in London then he begun filming in Alabama, on the Western Hell On The Border alongside Frank Grillo, Ron Perlman and Rudy Youngblood where he portrayed the famous Tom Pinkerton.  

October 2018 saw him film in Connecticut, a Universal Christmas movie called 
Adventures of Santa alongside Denise Richards then onto LA to film horror flick Circus Road. 

2018 had a busy start for Capaldi with work on Robert The Bruce (shot in Scotland) , Astro (Los Angeles) and  on the Becoming (Kentucky) alongside Toby Kebbel.  Robert the Bruce was alongside Angus MacFadyen (Braveheart's Robert The Bruce) which followed the story of the much loved Scottish historical icon. 

River Runs Red which Capaldi shot last December in Kentucky alongside John Cusack, Luke Hemsworth, Taye Diggs and George Lopez came out theatrically in January 2019 across the USA. Capaldi plays a cop alongside Hemsworth who find themselves in a  precarious position. 

Capaldi won Best Actor at San Diego's IndieFest and Chicago's Amarcord Film Festival for the film Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

In Scotland a feature, Isolani directed by Paul R Wilson was released in theaters in Scotland. Capaldi starred with Corin Nemec and Dominique Swain in Rottentail shot in Arizona (DreadCentral) is due out in May 2019.


Capaldiled the cast of the Tv series Feel The Dead produced by double Oscar winning producer group, Phillip Goldfine and Nicholas Chartier. Shot in Italy, Europe, this "Walking Dead" style show will be released Summer of 2019. Alongside Capaldi, Estella Warren and William McNamara starred.  

Ulysses filmed in Turin, Italy, starring alongside Danny Glover and Udo Kier was released 2018. Capaldi filmed in Calgary on Chokehold, an action film alongside Casper Van Diem and Kip Pardue released 2019 Jan. 

Ghosts of Garip / Vlad's Legacywas released in theaters across Turkey. See the backstage EPK for it by clicking here

 Capaldi returned from Rome, Italy late March where he starred in Deprivation alongside Dominique Swain directed by Brian Skiba. This Sci-fi horror film, a mash between 28 Days Later meets World War Z, touches on the horrifying results of the Russian Sleep Experiment of the 80s. (Press:Influx)

Filming of Among The Shadows was completed alongside Lindsey Lohan and Charlotte Beckett. In this werewolf / vampire political action piece, Capaldi is Lieutenant McGregor who tries to get to the bottom of this underworld of creatures. (Press: Dread Central)

Last October in Bulgaria, Nightworld saw Capaldi star alongside Robert England and Jason London in another film which promises to mix supernatural with suspense. 

After Dark and 20th Century Fox announced that Capaldi's first produced project, a paranormal horror thriller called Wicked Within, which sees him star alongside Resident Evil's Sienna Guillory, Enzo Cilenti and Eric Roberts directed by Jay Alaimo, will be released theatrically October 16th in North America. (articles Daily Dead, iHorror, WeareMovieGeeks)

 Capaldi just rapped filming in Istanbul, where he played the lead in Ghosts of Garip. This vampire adventure will premiere in Instanbul March 2016. Here Capaldi played the hero role opposite Turkish starlet Selma Ergec. (ScreenDaily

Early 2015 Capaldi completed filming in Rome of Bite, an action horror starring alongside Costas Mandylor and Vinnie Jones directed by Spanish Director Alberto Sciamma. 

Late 2014 saw him complete his filming in Texas of The Last Man Club alongside Kate French.


 The movie, Janara,an Italian horror film shot in Rome and Naples was recently released in theaters across Italy. Janara sees Capaldi play a priest and take on the local legend of the Benevento witch. 

Capaldi starred alongside Scottish comedians Greg Hemphill and Frankie Boyle in Gasping. This comedy saw Greg Hemphill shine in his directorial debut featured recently at the Edinburgh Film Festival where it was nominated for best short. (Metro Magazine review + DigitalSpy)

Certain Justice (Puncture WoundsUS), an action packed film directed by Giorgio Serafini and James Coyne released through Lionsgate in the US, sees Cung Le, the hero, take on Dolph Lundgren's lethal gang which includes his trusted general Capaldi who is torn between love for Briana Evigan and his duty to the gang. Vinnie Jones also stars. August 4th is the release date for the UK.

(Flickering Myth Interview) (Influx Review)

Capaldi also had privilege of starring as HYDE in The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde, alongside OSCAR winners MICKEY ROONEY and MARGARET OBRIEN. This sadly was Mickey Rooney's last movie. This was an honor for Capaldi to say the least.

Badge of Honor, a cop thriller with Martin Sheen and Mena Suvari which Capaldi produced in Vancouver is due to be released October 2015

Hard Rush (Ambushed)released successfully in the UK starring Capaldi, Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture. This saw Capaldi, Eddie (Scottish Gangster) and his partner try to rise the ladder of success in the underground of L.A with FBI agent Lundgren having other ideas.  This was followed by Blood of Redemption  starring Dolph Lundgren as the entrusted hitman, Vinnie Jones as the muscle and the grieving brothers Billy Zane and Gianni Capaldi (FBI agent) looking for revenge for their father.  

Check out some of the reviews given on Capaldi in Blood of Redemption (Influx B.O.R)and Hard Rush (Influx Hard RushCourtesy of InfluxMagazine

Recently released the psycho thriller, Devil's Dozen, Jeremy London's directorial debut, which sees Capaldi star along side C Thomas Howell, Eric Roberts and Jake Bussey, recently premiered at the Graummans Theater in Hollywood. 

Gianni also was recently featured in an action hero TV series called Vigilante Diaries starring Jason Mewes where he plays the villain Nigel Hawkes, which premiered recently at Comic Con.


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