Early life and education

He was born in Motherwell, Scotland to his Italian parents. Capaldi grew up in the town of Hamilton and went to Hamilton College before continuing his education at Caledonian Uni in Glasgow. Before he got into acting he played youth football with Motherwell FC. He is related to Scottish entertainers Jimmy Logan and Peter Capaldi. 


Gianni Capaldi (born August 15, 1977) is a Scottish actor and film producer. In 2011, Capaldi portrayed an English gangster in the Sony action fantasy The Cross (2011) which starred Brian Austin Green, Vinnie Jones, Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. Soon following, Capaldi worked alongside Academy Award Winning actor Morgan Freeman in Wish Wizard (2011), a short film made in collaboration with the Make a Wish Foundation. Capaldi briefly expanded into television with appearances as himself in the HDnet reality television series Hollywood Royale (2010). 

His first leading roles came with the Voltage Pictures action crime drama Ambushed (2013) (Hard Rush in UK) where Capaldi portrays Eddie, a ruthless international drug dealer alongside Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture. In Blood of Redemption (2013), Capaldi steps into a ‘good guy’ role as FBI agent Kurt out to redeem the murder of his father, alongside Dolph Lundgren, Billy Zane and Robert Davi. A Certain Justice (Puncture Wounds USA) (2014), Capaldi steps into the role of Vin, a thug with a conscious, starring alongside Cung Le, Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones and Briana Evigan.

Capaldi recently starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in Shadow Within in this werewolf against vampire thriller which is due out theatrically in 2017. He also starred in Nightfall alongside Robert Englund aka "Freddy Kruger" which was shot in November 2015 in Bulgaria.  

Capaldi has acting credits in: action drama Crossroads (2013); romantic drama Don’t Pass Me By (2013); Jeremy London’s directorial debut, supernatural thriller Devils Dozen (2013), where Capaldi stars alongside C Thomas Howell, Jake Bussey and Eric Roberts; Jason Mewes superhero action comedy Vigilante Diaries(2013); moralistic and paranormal drama The Between (2013) with child actors Joel Courtney and Isabelle Furhman. In addition, in March 2012 Capaldi founded High Five Films a production company, whose productions include The Wicked Within (2015), Ambushed (2013), Blood of Redemption (2014) A Certain Justice (2014) and a Badge of Honor (2015).

Capaldi filmed a theatrically released horror feature in Italy about an urban witch legend Janara (2014) which sees him play an American priest. He continued with filming in Europe in the BBC comedy short film Gasping (2014), set in Scotland with director Greg Hemphill and comedian Frankie Boyle. Gasping was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2015 Edinburgh Film Festival. 

​Capaldi also had the honor to star in legendary acting icon, Mickey Rooney's, last film Jeckyl and Hyde. Capaldi lead the cast as the despicable Edward Hyde where he teamed up with Oscar winner actor Margaret O'Brien. He then went on to work on Last Man's club, a family movie alongside Jake Bussey, Richard Riedle and Kate French. In 2015, Capaldi starred in Bite, an action horror movie alongside Costas Mandylor and Vinnie Jones, directed by Alberto Sciamma which was shot in Rome. Bite will premiere at Festival de Cine de Sitges in Spain. 

Capaldi filmed Ghosts of Garip in Turkey playing the lead in an action adventure vampire driven horror. 
The Wicked Within (2015) a gothic thriller highlights Capaldi’s soft side as husband to a possessed wife, Sienna Guillory,  also stars Enzo Cilenti and Eric Roberts was released by After Dark and 20th Century Fox theatrically in North America October 16th. Courtney Solomon executive produced Wicked Within.

Capaldi lead the cast alongside Dominique Swain in Deprivation, a post apocalyptic movie shot in Rome. He teamed up with Swain again and Corin Nemec in Rottentail, a sci-fi  film based on a comic book.

Capaldi leads the cast in the long awaited Tv Show Feel The Dead, a zombie apocalyptic show emulating The Walking Dead, Estella Warren co stars. 

Since 2005 Capaldi has appeared in over twenty five films and two television productions.


Capaldi has won BEST ACTOR awards for two festivals in 2017. San Diego's IndieFest and Chicago's Amarcord Film Festival awarded him Best Lead Actor for his portrayal of Mr Hyde in Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde. 

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